my response to the facebook group: “STOP THIS ARTIST FROM KILLING ANOTHER DOG”


People are stupid.

Let me sum up:
The creator of this group and its several thousand members believe: an artist in Central America took a stray dog left for dead (one of thousands) off the street, tied it up in the corner of a gallery and let it die as an exhibit. Their collective response is sign an online petition to prevent the artist from repeating the exhibit (with another innocent dog, obviously) at a future art show to which he has been invited.

This is not why they’re stupid. Well, at least it’s not why I’m saying they’re stupid.

In a discussion topic entitled “do you eat meat?” one girl encourages fellow group members to consider the ways in which millions of farm animals are treated before they’re slaughtered. This, of course, causes a riot. Personally, I agree that everyone that’s been made so uppity about supposed “animal rights” would do well to consider vegetarianism (or AT LEAST boycotting fastfood meat). Here are some examples of people’s responses, some more ignorant than others (paraphrased in my usual way):
“eating meat serves a purpose, not killing a dog.” – valid.
“humans are at the top of the food chain! we’re supposed to eat meat! what else should eat?!” – valid. ish.
actual quote: “the animal dies however they are kept in VERY good places…many of them live GREAT lives…in order for the meat to be a good sale it must be healthy which means taking care of each and every animal. they are taken care of not just left to walk in their poo and starved.” – clearly, this person is an idiot. (a few respond to her citing the reality of CAFOs, which incites MORE ignorance to come out, differing opinions on ACTUAL conditions, and reinforcement of regulations and laws and blah blah blah, more people sounding stupid).

so at this point, you have two kinds of people: 
1. people who think all animal cruelty is wrong (vegetarians, or those at least coming out against CAFOs and the like). 
2. people who think animal cruelty is wrong only if it “has no point” (doesn’t feed people.)
a couple people chime in that there’s places you can buy meat that supports free-range farming, so you don’t have to be a vegetarian, which is a good point. the ignoramuses pretty much leave those guys alone.

then, one guy brings up the fact humans (being a more intelligent species) are morally obligated to “know better” and treat all animals better. furthermore, he says with everyone so uppity about the animals, why isn’t the conversation talking about the cruelty being done to humans (he cites the “starving children in Africa”).
this incites one idiot to say “there have always been poor, starving people and there always will be. we can give them whatever money we can to help them, but the problem will never, ever be solved…” there’s more, about how’d she help a dog and blah blah blah. (note: she’s not a idiot just for this statement, there were numerous others throughout the thread).

here are my issues.
1. anyone so outraged about this that they merely sign an online petition and spam their friends to join is ridiculous for not looking into the fact that the piece of art in question was found to be a hoax (the dog wasn’t killed, but was merely made to appear to be starving), and that the real art was the fact that such an act caused a “global reaction” about mistreatment of this single dog, and the “global hypocrisy” that thousands of dogs ( and millions of other animals, and millions of people) are treated worse and killed everyday. but this isn’t even my big issue. this is just sort of sad/funny.

2. idiots would rather ignorantly argue with people (on the internet no less) attempting to inform them about the realities (or, alternate realities) of the meat industry in the US then actually educate themselves and form educated opinions. furthermore, these people accept the situations in CAFOs as inevitabilities of which they have no consumer power over. also, a majority of them trust the government to treat animals better to begin with and don’t even acknowledge that such horrific conditions exist. yet, they appear outraged over (what was perceived to be) a single, soon to be dead and probably heavily diseased dog in a country thousands of miles away. 

3. the sentiment of inevitability and powerlessness was echoed exponentially when someone brought up the suffering of people. 

here’s my big problem. 

Thousands of people have joined this group condemning one act of (perceived) inhumanity to one animal in a country far away. When one brings up the suffering of millions of animals in our backyard, suffering that could be reasonably curbed if the consumer buying power of only a (higher) portion of the nation was mobilized for such a cause, people argue with her (either that she’s stupid for not eating meat because it’s natural, or that she’s wrong about the treatment of those animals in the first place). CAFOs are not only an animal rights issue. CAFOs are contributing tremendously to the destruction of our global environment in numerous ways, as well as contribute to the degrading health of people working in them and eating the food that comes out of them. And animal cruelty happens all over the world, by the way. The wars waging right now are killing animals all over the world. When someone attempts to bring human suffering into the dialogue it’s even worse. People are so concerned about this one dog, and animal rights when there’s not only starving children in Africa, but starving people everywhere. There’s starving people in America. In addition to the somewhat ironic food shortage, there’s numerous genocides taking place. People being systematically killed for what could be called completely arbitrary reasons. And various wars of past and present are causing death to innocents in a myriad of ways. I’m not going to list them. That’s not my point.

My point is that people remain ignorant. But I understand that. I agree wholeheartedly that “ignorance is bliss”. My issue is with people who are ignoring reality, failing to educate themselves, and most of the time turning a blind eye to these current issues, then proceed to dumb-down those around them and heckle those that attempt to enlighten them to only a fraction of the fucked up hypocrisy that we all have been made to participate in. It’s arguably the saddest part of all of this. I’m not saying I know everything. I’m not saying my opinions on every issue are factually grounded. I’m just encouraging others to question things every once and a while, and maybe educate themselves. Or just stay the fuck out of all of it and stop propagating spoon-fed ideology to others.


2 Responses to “my response to the facebook group: “STOP THIS ARTIST FROM KILLING ANOTHER DOG””

  1. 1 diablojr
    June 15, 2008 at 1.12am

    Finally, someone after my own heart. No sarcasm at all.

  2. 2 dccoulombe
    August 20, 2008 at 3.50am

    thank you 🙂

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