“When a theory is transformed into an ideology, it begins to destroy the self and self-knowledge. Originally born of feeling, it pretends to float above and around feeling. Above sensation. It organizes experience according to itself, without touching experience. By virtue of being itself, it is supposed to know. To invoke the name of this ideology is to confer truthfulness. No one can tell it anything new. Experience ceases to surprise it, form it. It is annoyed by any detail which does not fit into its world view. Begun as a cry against the denial of truth, now it denies any truth which does not fit into its scheme. Begun as a way to restore one’s sense of reality, now it attempts to discipline real people, to remake natural beings after its own image. All that it fails to explain it records as its enemy. Begun as a theory of liberation, it is threatened by new theories of liberation; it builds a prison for the mind.”

-Susan Griffin

the most dangerous thing about ideology is that it fails to change with the times while it continues to permeate and influence so many aspects of life. I think one of the most important things we can do is keep conscious of the fluidity of everything at all times, to remember that things change, and not resist. to learn, and grow, and change with them.


1 Response to “ideology.”

  1. 1 james
    January 20, 2009 at 10.11pm

    I really like that piece, I found the whole thing a few weeks ago and it’s a wild, interesting thing.

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