so after several months of pretty much ignoring Park West’s parking lot restrictions, my car finally got towed.

last night I had a feeling I should move my car. I’d been pushing my luck more so than usual lately, but laziness abounds.


I called the number on the sign…

“Irvine PD.”

“hi, I believe my car was towed this morning.”

“oh, really? why do you think your car’s been towed? is it not there?” <– what? I really wish she had said “is it not where you left it?” what the hell kind of question is that?

she said she needed my license plate or the vin number to find out. typically, that’s information you find ON your car, so I was a little worried. I only know 5DZY_ _ _ of my license plate, so I had grabbed my insurance card out of my wallet (luckily I keep one in there and in my car) which luckily has the vin number on it. then she informed me that my car was in fact towed (which is good, because it never really occurred to me that my car might have been stolen [HA!] until the long pause) and gave me another number to call.

“South Side Towing.”

“hello, I believe you towed my car this morning.”

“oh. what are you looking for?”

“a beige 1983 Mercedes 300D.”

“oh yes. I’ll give you the address of where you can pick it up and how much it’s going to cost if you get it today before five.”

“oh, thank you.”

if I get it today before 5pm it’s only going to cost me $180 (at least I think that’s what she said. I HOPE that’s what she said!). my registration is current and so is my insurance. my car is my car, meaning registered in my name, so I should have no problem getting it. the registration is actually in the car, or at least I really really hope so. I have just barely enough money to cover $180 without getting my parents involved, and luckily Nikki doesn’t have work today so she can take me to go get it in Costa Mesa which shouldn’t take long.

sigh. my baby better be PERFECT!


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