got some wins

Everything’s coming up D today you guys!

I’ve scored three major victories:

1 – I’ve negotiated snacks in between meals!

This low-potassium diet is no joke. EVERYTHING has potassium. I am on steroids and I am starving. The kitchen caught on that I’ve been hoarding anything I can to eat  between meals by asking for extra — usually saltine crackers and applesauce are the things I get away with. The dietician visited me again today, “Are you hungry between meals? Would you like me to organize snacks for you between meals? Cheese and crackers after lunch? A PB&J before bed?”


I’m simultaneously wasting away and bloated. My body doesn’t remember how to process white bread, apparently. I’ve eaten meat the last two days because I cannot subsist on bread, cheese, and green beans alone. I’m a hungry person. My family doesn’t call me “Snacky” for nothing. Please feed me.

If a PB&J actually happens, I might cry. I miss peanut butter. (Nuts are high in potassium but one of my favorite protein sources.)

2 – I’ve negotiated walks outside!

So long as I don’t leave the hospital premises, I am permitted on the terrace. I haven’t had sunshine or fresh air in 10 days, so I’m really looking forward to this. Plus, it’s a beautiful day in SF today!

3 – I don’t have to collect all of my business anymore.

By “business” I mean poop. No more specimen collections for the time being, unless I notice something weird. I get to flush myself again like a grown toilet-trained person!

In other good news, Josh was singing when he visited today. He’s still optimistic about my numbers now that they’re finally starting to trend how we want. We’re still all pretty confused as to how my numbers can be so bad and I can still be so high-functioning. I should pretty much be in kidney failure, but I’m still basically asymptomatic. I should be dizzy, I’m running on like less than half the blood of a normal person, but I’m walking just fine. My body is weird.


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