Yesterday was a good day.

Yesterday was a good day.

Although my hemoglobin is still garbage (5.7), I continue to not be struggling with it at all, so I continue to dodge the blood transfusion. My attending is going to talk to my oncologist consult today about how much longer he thinks I’ll be chilling in the nadir. In the meantime, so long as I don’t faint, I’m ok.

My creatinine was down 0.01 yesterday, which is teeny tiny baby steps in the right direction — but in the right direction, finally! It’s a little lower today, down to 3.31! Inching closer to 3, which is great. Not sure what my GFR is at, but presumably holding around 18.

When Josh dropped by yesterday he was all smiles. Very encouraged by my slowly moving numbers. According to him, our next major decision point comes in a few weeks when we’ll decide if I do chemo again. We didn’t talk about what would we do if we didn’t do chemo — I’m assuming that’s the “it didn’t work well enough” scenario, which we don’t want to talk about yet. According to me, our next major decision point should come next week when we decide if/when I’m going home.

Plasma Apheraesis went well last night. They gave me frozen plasma, but loaded me up with more steroids and benadryl ahead of time this time, so I didn’t get stuck with another bad rash. IV steroids + IV benadryl + O2 made a super fun cocktail in my body! That’s the closest to drunk I’ve felt in months. I got a surprise nurse again, but she was really nice and calming and hooked me up with that O2. Cole dropped by right as I was hooked up to all five machines and was a very good sport about not acting like that was super weird. It was a very pleasant visit.



Eventually the benadryl won and knocked me out for about 5 hours, the most consecutive sleep I’ve gotten in 10 days. Dad kept his snores to a minimum last night, so it was restful for everyone. Then I woke up at 3:30AM feeling super clear-headed and productive so I wrote four work-related emails on my iPhone in bed, reflected heavily on my twenties, and started planning the long-term life goals of my thirties. Got blood drawn at 5:30AM and fell asleep again for about an hour after that.

Feel great this morning, going to try to get some work stuff done. The only thing on deck today is the hormone injection, so it’s a great day for visitors!

Fog finally lifted in SF this morning — check out my killer view!



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