Good fortune rains upon me today!

Yesterday was really hard, but it wasn’t all bad. Besides feeling shrink wrapped by own skin, I felt ok. My plasma treatment went smoothly, I took a nap, and I didn’t have to get a blood transfusion. I started taking an iron supplement and haven’t suffered any fallout from that yet, and they’ve put me on a diuretic to help with this excess fluid making me all puffy.

Aja and Viv came by after work last night and gave me lots of hugs, which I needed. They also brought crafting supplies from the office so we could add our hand-turkeys to the Jam City Farm. It was difficult with my shaky hands, but therapeutic, I think. It also wore me out, so I slept pretty good last night — 11PM-4AM.


gobble gobble googly eyes

I woke up feeling good again this morning, but tempered expectations after that news from yesterday. No need!

Numbers are back on track today!

Creatinine is back down to 3.3 and hemoglobin is finally trending upwards, so my body is starting to make blood again. Progress is still very slow, but at least it’s in the right direction again. And that’s not even the best news!

First thing this morning, I received two packages!

I’ve been receiving care packages from friends and family since everyone found out, not to mention a fairly steady stream of fresh flowers. (Everyone in the hospital loves you guys for making my room smell so good all the time!)

I won the nurse lottery today!

Bea, who is usually one of the charge nurses (= IN CHARGE), was assigned to be my primary afternoon nurse today. She’s an older Russian woman and she knows what’s up. According to the staff wall, she’s the most experienced on the floor. I’ve seen Bea a lot since I moved up to the sixth floor last week and she’s always been super helpful, but she really took care of me today.

First of all, she’s got my drug schedule down — she knows I like to take my antacid first thing before breakfast gets here, then she gives me whatever I need to take in the morning after breakfast, then gives the rest of my dailies with lunch so I don’t have to take all 20 pills at once. Super nice.

After days and days of everyone saying I wasn’t going to be able to take a shower with my central line in, Bea today is like let’s wrap that thing up and get you a shower! O M G! Jess immediately brought over some real shower stuff for me because she is The Best Sister Ever and after I finished breakfast, Bea wrapped up my neck, found me a chair for my shower and

I had the greatest shower of all time!

It was actually a weird shower. I had a hard time negotiating the tiny shower with that chair in there and banged myself up pretty good (thanks for the bruises, anemia), plus I was pretty worried about getting water under my bandages, and I couldn’t use water that was too hot (thanks, anemia). BUT I’M CLEAN NOW. I’VE EXFOLIATED. I FEEL AMAZING. I took my time and washed everything like five times. It was glorious. While I was in there they refreshed my bed linens too, so everything is clean.


I’m clean!

Afterwards, Bea completely redid the dressing on my neck and it feels a lot better. My neck is still pretty much covered in old adhesive, so I’m looking forward to washing that eventually, haha.

One of the only channels I get in here is having a Harry Potter marathon all weekend. Mom’s never seen them, so we’re having fun with that today.

After lunch today, Mom and I went outside for some fresh air. It’s super nice out today, not freezing like last time, so we did a few laps around the terrance in the sun. Definitely the most I’ve moved around since I got here, it’s been an active day. I’m pretty tired now, so I might take a nap before I start having visitors. Brittany’s coming by later, and I’ve gotten some other offers for visitors as well. I have a bunch of people coming by tomorrow — including Alex who is flying up from LA and staying until Sunday!


I’m back on top! Makin some of my own blood again and still functioning pretty good with bum kidneys!


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