I bit of a mixed bag this morning.

My creatinine is up, again, and my GFR is down again (to 16, eeks).

BUT! My hemoglobin and other good blood stuff is on the rise, so I’m def starting to make my own blood again and recover from that chemo treatment. (Only possible downside to this is that my bones might start aching, so I’m on the lookout for that, but so far, so good.)

I got a full night’s sleep last night (10PM – 5:30AM!) and I’m feeling pretty good. I have a plasma treatment this morning which should be pretty routine at this point and then I have a lot of visitors on deck this afternoon — including a few special guests from LA I’m very excited to see!

I’m still a little puffy all over, but nothing like I was a couple days ago–the diuretic is making a big difference. Or, I’ve gotten used to it. Either way, I feel better.

Fuck my kidneys, man. If my birth-kidneys don’t want to be Team D anymore I’ll find some that will! My heart’s good, my lungs are good, this body is rockin — any kidneys will be lucky to find a home in here. Maybe mine will still turn it around after more rest.

All my usual doctors are off this weekend, so I got a visit from a new attending today — my first lady doctor! She’s nice, I’ll see her again tomorrow. My nurse today is Evan, who my favorite nurse Ann has been training. He’s very nice, but I have to help him a lot, haha. Luckily, my routine is pretty set at this point, so it’s not filling me with anxiety like it would have a week ago. Plus Ann’s around — already printed out my labs and divided up my meds real nice.

Harry Potter Marathon continues and Mom’s still hanging out with me. It’s raining in SF this weekend, but I’ve been flooded with reading materials the last couple days so I’ll probably have some quiet cozy reading time this weekend.

Should be a good day. I just wish they’d let me have more food.

Still not sure when I’ll get out of here. My 7th plasma treatment is scheduled for Monday, but they’re still saying 7-10 treatments.

Wasiem came by after work last night and brought me cards from the office. I work with the nicest people and I can’t wait to get back to work.


Presumably me on steroids — thanks @kidtofer! ❤


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