Ain’t no party like a hospital party!

I’ve had a good weekend! I had hella in-and-out-of-town visitors all weekend long; the peak of which was when Alex, Brittany, Aja, Elora, Bubs, and Rudy were all here Saturday night chillin like hanging out in a hospital room is a totally normal thing to do. It was awesome! Only thing missing was some beerz and my ability to stay awake past 11PM.

I have the best friends. ❤ ❤ ❤



Marla and Geoff also drove up from LA this weekend to visit with me both days and Amanda came by for a few hours today. Alex slept over last night giving Mom and Jess a much needed break I’m sure.

My kidney numbers still aren’t great, but I’m making blood again and everyone’s less worried about me needing a transfusion. The nurses were understaffed all weekend, but I’m low-maintenance and had a lot of supervision all weekend anyway. My BP has been a little elevated the last few days, but I don’t know if that’s because of my kidneys, or when they take it, or me needing more adjustments to my meds. I’m still pretty puffy in weird places from steroids, which is bothersome.

My A-Team of doctors is back tomorrow, so I guess they’ll all talk and decide what my plan is. As of now, I have my last scheduled plasma aphaeresis tomorrow and then…? Obviously, I  would like to not live in the hospital anymore, but I’m still pretty close to kidney failure, extremely anemic, and my hemoglobin is still exceptionally low, so I’m just not sure sending me home right now is responsible. We’ll find out!


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