SausageD’s Big Day Out!

I went to work yesterday you guys!

And it was great! I worked the whole day and didn’t collapse!

I was definitely tired by the end of the day, but I spent all day meeting with people to get caught up on three weeks, so I’m pretty sure that would have worn me out anyway. I was also there for a pretty long time, nearly 10 hours, haha. But I was in surprisingly better shape than I expected to be by the end of the day, and I still feel good today —  a little sore at my knees and ankles, but nothing unbearable. Staying off of them today and keeping my feet elevated. No headaches, or dizziness, or overwhelmed feelings yesterday — all wins! Hand sanitizer is my slimy new best friend.

I had about an hour this morning where I guess the distribution of water in my body was in perfect equilibrium with my skin and I didn’t feel like Sausage D anymore!

I got really excited. I thought maybe my skin had resized to accommodate my new weight and I would just be a little husky now, but otherwise feel like a person again. Unfortunately, it didn’t last. 😦 Curse you, gravity!

I have my follow-up with Josh tomorrow and a long list of questions to ask him.

I delegated the responsibility of trying to get next week’s chemo treatment rescheduled to Mom and she’s having even less luck getting a human to talk to her than I did 😦 but I get my tenacity from Mom, so she’ll get through eventually. 🙂

I think I’m feeling a little sensitive to my iron supplement today — I’ve been able to taste it all afternoon and my tummy’s pretty rumbly. UGGGGGGGH. I did a Google Sanity Check and found this great list describing the VERY CLEAR OVERDOSE I HAD IN THE HOSPITAL (gross):


Plus thinking my heart might explode.

Fuck that IV Iron man, I’m never doing that shit again.



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