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7 Days


So crazy. Am I anxious? Yes. But mostly anxious-excited. I’m not really allowing myself to think about the stuff that’ll make me anxious-worried. It’s been a little challenging — usually, the way I cope with stressful situations and stay so level-headed is by processing potential outcomes in advance so that I’m prepared. Unfortunately, this situation is a little more high-stakes than usual and I’m trying to avoid freaking myself out. Also, I feel very strongly that I should not put any negativity around this into the universe right now, which is why I will not list my concerns out loud. Superstitious? Maybe, but I’ve seen it work the other way where I put a positive idea into the universe and it happens, so let’s not chance it.

ANYWAY I’m super looking forward to my terrifying major surgery next Friday, and so is my sister!

I’m also trying not to fall into a trap where I think about how after the surgery everything will be “back to normal”. This is not the case — I’ll still have chronic kidney disease, and I’ll still have the very mysterious autoimmune issue that caused the kidney disease. I’ll be on immunosuppression meds probably forever. I might have to stay on hypertension meds because of the immunosuppression meds. But! I probably won’t be puffs anymore, my back won’t constantly hurt, and I’ll be able to eat whatever I want without tasting unfiltered waste in my mouth anymore! I shouldn’t be extremely anemic much longer, which means I won’t get dizzy sitting down and be constantly on the verge of fainting. I’ll have enough energy to work five days a week and go out on the weekends, eventually. It’s exciting stuff. I get to LIVE!

I don’t really have a sense of how long my recovery is going to take. All the available information is for people over 65 and I am absolutely a spring chicken. By the numbers I should have been on dialysis weeks ago, so nothing typical here. I’m crossing my fingers for about two weeks, because that would work out best with my current work situation, but even I think that’s maybe delusional optimism. But I’m basically completely functional without kidneys, so… we’ll see.

I’ll let you guys know how it goes. 


Kidney Donor Info

Read these first and think carefully if this is something you really want to do:

Kidney Donation Info

Top 10 Questions Prospective Kidney Donors Have
All expenses for the medical work-up and transplant surgery are covered by my health insurance, but not additional expenses, such as travel, or lost wages if sick time/disability from work is not available.

Kidney Donation After-Care Overview
2-3 days in the hospital, Vicodin, and limited activity for 4-6 weeks!
Risk of having a life-threatening problem with donating a kidney is 1 in 3,000.
The risk of minor complications such as a minor wound infection is about 2-4%.

It’s major surgery! They remove part of your body! Anything can happen!

If you’re still interested, fill out this health questionnaire and find out if you are a viable donor:

Health History Questionnaire
A living kidney donor is usually between ages 18 to 55.
A history of heart disease, chronic lung or liver disease, kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, cancer or untreated psychiatric disease usually rules someone out. Smoking, obesity, and other health issues are considered on an individual basis.


Paired Kidney Donation

In the event that you really want to give me your kidney, but we are not a good match, there is another option. You could be a good match for someone else who needs a kidney, who has a donor who is a good match for me, so we could swap donors and both get kidneys! Functioning kidneys for everyone!